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Emma Ostergren x EmmaOClothing



As summer is arriving fast, you may want to find the perfect crochet garments !
Stop looking! has the perfect ones for you... and today I have a suprise: Emma Ostergren, designer of EmmaOclothing, but also fashion blogger at has kindly answered our questions !


Can you tell a word about yourself ? Your blog/ Your job /Your life between Cape Town and Sweden ?

My name is Emma, from Sweden... I've been modelling full-time for 5 years - Travelling around the world. Cape Town is the place that really captured my heart - I've been going to that city for work every year since I was 16. My blog I started up at Carolines Mode the summer I was home when I was 19... Great success has comes out of that!  



When Did you Start EmmaOClothing ? How your designs are produced in South Africa ?


I started emmaoclothing in Febuary 2011 when I was down in Cape Town... It instantly grew into bigger proportions than I had ever expected!

I had great luck in many famous bloggers and fashion sites showing interest in the clothes.


I started working with one woman, designing pieces that she put into making - Now I have a whole factory in Zimbabwe where the same woman is the head of a group of ladies that once was living without money or work.

When I met 'my' lady the first time, she was living in Cape Town without her family in order to provide money for them in Zimbabwe.
Now as I write this - She's at home in her own bought house in Zimbabwe with her both children and husband!

A happy moment for me was when her mom phoned me last summer - Crying and thanking me for have made this project happen.


What are your favorite pieces from your collection ?

My favorite pieces in my collection is: The mini dress, this has been the top seller from the beginning (!) As well as the over-size mini dress... <3

I have many new designs lined up for this spring/summer...!



- Handmade Crochet mini-dress, 69 €,

- Handmade Crochet Over-size mini dress, 69 €,


Here at WearEverYouAre, I've made my selection too !

- Handmade Crochet bikini, 49 €,

- Handmade Crochet top, 49 €,


As Emma told you some famous fashion bloggers wear EmmaOClothing designs, get inspo from them !



From top to bottom, you'll recognize: Angelica Blick, Victoria Tornegren, Kenza Zouiten, Thilda & Mira Berglind, Amanda Shadforth

Meet the Designer: Emma Ostergren x EmmaOClothing published on Fri April 27th 2012