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Aspiga Sandals



When it comes to choose a pair of sandals in summer, the choice may be sometimes difficult.

For those who lives in big cities, the sandal must be enough comfy to be worn in our long walk around the town, but also enough beautiful to remind us that the holidays are not so far. If we can take them to go to the beach, it's even better !

I think I've found the perfect sandals from Aspiga: their shape are enough comfy to be worn in town, while their tribal look is perfect for the holidays.

Here's a selection of 9 pairs of sandals, Hope you'll find THE ONE !


- Luna, Natural Leather with silver beading, 69 £,


- Orla Gold, Thick strap toe sandal, 55 £,


- Cobra, Snake skin look with leather strap sandal, 69 £,


- Pia Silver, Ankle strap sandal with crystal beading, 69 £,


- Pia Multi, Ankle strap sandal with crystal beading, 69 £,


- Lalo Coral, Arch toe cuff, 55 £,


- Amy, African tribal beading leather sandal, 42 £,


- Masai, African feel beaded multicolored disc, 69 £,


- Multi Flip Flop, beather leather flip flop, 36 £,

ASPIGA SANDALS published on Sat June 2nd 2012